Past, Present, and Future


Banchero Disability Partners was organized in 1971, providing support to six children under the name Friends Services. Friends Services was the third children’s group home licensed in Washington State. The agency settled the children in Shoreline in 1979, when our benefactor, John Banchero, donated a much-needed permanent home. In 1989 the agency was renamed in his honor. Since many of our clients and their families desired to stay with us rather than transfer to an adult agency on the client’s 18th birthday, we made the transition to an adult service agency in 1991, and moved the young adults and our offices into an apartment complex in Shoreline.

In 1995, with the assistance of county, state, and federal grants, we purchased a second house in Shoreline. The Loya House (named in honor of former director Elizario Loya) provides a comfortable home to four people who receive our support services.

In 2007, at the height of the local real estate market, we sold our aging group home and saved the money to purchase updated housing. When our rented apartment housing became threatened, our stakeholders made a plan to secure permanent agency -owned space for our offices and our most intensely supported clients. In 2010, at the low cost point in the multiple housing market, we purchased the Midvale apartment building in North Seattle. With the support of many wonderful donors, we raised $1.9 million dollars and paid off the building loan in 2016. Today, 11 BDP clients and 12 community renters live at The Ramsey, which was recently re-named in honor of key booster Dick Ramsey.


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Today Banchero Disability Partners supports a total of 27 adults with developmental disabilities. We provide 120,000+ annual hours of daily living services and extended programs in our clients’ homes. Our agency offices are located in North Seattle at our The Ramsey apartment building; also at The Ramsey is a mix of our clients and market-rate tenants. Several of our clients reside at the Loya House, and others live in rented apartments in the North Seattle and Shoreline areas.


We are served by a board of directors who lend their considerable expertise in such areas as: legal services, human resources, financial management, building design and management, information technology, disability law, and more.

Our management team has dozens of years of industry experience, and possesses a fierce passion for advocacy.They have degrees in public policy, public administration, social work, counseling, business management and other relevant areas.




We are very proud of our wonderful tradition of excellent and personalized services, provided in a relaxed, family-oriented atmosphere. We look forward to talking to you about your interest in Banchero Disability Partners.